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Thursday, September 18, 2014

You Never Know

Remember this Don't forget your prayers blog post I did two nights ago? I knew when publishing it that I shouldn't have made a big deal about saying my prayer. That you should pray when you don't want to the most. I know this! I just saw this video on my facebook feed and watched it. Here I am exhausted doing school with the children. They are working on a word search together beside me and I'm checking in on the life going on outside my home. This video completely spoke to me. This is me almost EVERYDAY! With being the Compassionate Service Coordinator Assistant in our church I do alot of things that aren't always brought up to the Relief Society. That is just my nature. I think of things and just do them and don't feel the need to go report it. That is why I was called to this calling. There has been a couple nights I completely forgot about dinner I was suppose to bring to someone. And I promise you this happened. I went to grab the phone search through my email to find the cheapest deal to order pizza for a huge family to feed last minute that I forgot I was responsible for and happened to have called to let them know pizza is on the way and was told "We don't need dinner tonight someone already dropped it off for us." I looked at the schedule of people I set up and wrote down to
make sure I wasn't mistaking that it was my night and there was no
mistake about it. I don't know who that person was that mysteriously dropped off that dinner to the family but no one will ever know how grateful I was in that moment for them! As I sighed relief that I didn't have to spend $50 bucks on pizza because of my absent minded to remember to make a dinner that would be half that price and that a family didn't have to eat dinner late because of my forgetfulness. Everyone knows how much I am randomly watching everyone else's children just because that's how I roll ;) My house is always busy and crazy with other people. At the end of the day I feel so unaccomplished but really I need to take the time to look at the things that I did accomplish that I didn't even plan to that were so much bigger than that list in my head. I admit I shed some tears watching this video!!!

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