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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Preschool Co-Op Fun!

Wednesdays are our free days and the day Alexander gets to do his Preschool Lesson. We are switching out with families in the ward each week so it stays fun for them. Today was our first day for Preschool and it was really fun! 

Trying to get all of these little handsome
men to look at the camera, smile and
act like they like each other
was a little complicated ;)

They all showed up in awe of the toys. I had to distract them but it wasn't that hard ;) So we started with an opening prayer which was done by Riley. Then we talked about what day it was by looking at our calendar on the wall. Then we went out side to see what the weather was like. They decided it was "partly cloudy and sunny".

We decided it was time to get some wiggles out and sang a song "Hooray for A".


They loved it and eventually starting catching on and singing it.

After we discussed the letter "A" and played Apple/ Number Hopscotch. Then we did our worksheet on the letter "A". We then sat down in a circle to read a book about the letter "A". Which at that point I brought out Mr. Crab. He was my helper to watch over who was quite and nice out of the group. 

It did help that Mr. Crab is Red, just the color we were looking for today!

Those who were caught behaving the most got to take a turn holding Mr. Crab. 

It was time to get those wiggles out again so we decided to be a little silly and dance to "I'm a gummy bear." They loved that song.

We then played color matching game.

Then we learned about the number Zero! Did our worksheet and looked at examples.

Hooray it was time to play with toys FINALLY!!! While Mrs. Ashley finished up lunch.

Lunch choices weren't very popular to my tricky crowd. Hey! I tried to make it fun!

Chopped Ham & Cheese, Sliced Apples  and Ants on a log for "A".

You can see who was the most unhappy about not getting a peanut butter and jelly sandwich haha!

After lunch we went back to playing toys because they had 
burned through all of my planned activities but one. Gotta keep them moving moving moving!

Then we cleaned up and took one last picture together!


While we waited on our Mommies we did flash cards over shapes 
and learned what a circle looked like.

Until next week :) Then its another Mommies turn!

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