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Saturday, August 30, 2014

We are a home schoolin' family now!!!

Some people have asked if I have lost a screw and what was I thinking when I decided to announce our family is jumping on the homeschool wagon. There will be days where I have said I really don’t know what I was thinking and then the others where I will stand tall and proud and tell you way more than you bargained for when asking that simple question. Truth be told there is no simple answer to give you and back up your simple question.

Let’s back track for a minute and get to the reason why I felt our life now should be followed up with a blog. Facebook uhh....!!!... has become the devil!! Ok, I am exaggerating but my point is it has become a tool for most to use to brag, judge, lie/hide behind where all I want to do is share my everyday life with our friends and family who do not get to see and talk with us every day. Since I have come out to my facebook friends I have had so many interested people speak out about their interests of homeschooling. They too are scared to take the steps I have. They ask me how did you make your decision? What were your pros vs. cons? How long have you been thinking about this? I want to share my journey with anyone who feels they could use it to help them whether it be I helped you to decide to stick with public schooling or take what you feel is that huge leap to get started yourself or if it is just interesting to you like it was once for me. I don't want my facebook friends to think I am posting to say I am better than you or look what I can do! I'm not homeschooling my children to compete with anyone. It’s simply for mine and my family’s best interest and only that. So please remember that as you read my posts.

Back to WHY our family has decided to homeschool. This is the part I love! As time goes on I find more and more reasons to add to my list of why I am going this route.

Please excuse the all over messy writing as I try to put this in the best order I can think of.  ; o )

At this point in my life with two children in school and Alexander being in school within the next couple years and not planning on having any babies anytime soon if we ever do again I felt a little lost. What do I do next? Do I go out of the home and work? What work would I want to do? I was a little interested in being a Dental Assistant after seeing a friend go through school for it and get her career going but that would take me away from home alot more than I wanted. I wanted to be home with my kids while they are home from school. Should I start substituting again? Should I go back to school and finish getting my degree for teaching like I had started before? But then I knew teaching was alot more work then I knew what I was getting into. I still wouldn't be home as much as I thought I would because there is always after school stuff and grading and preparing, etc. Then it hit me why do I want to go teach someone else's kids? I just want to be with own children. I could teach them myself.

My children have been craving alot more of my attention. Last year both of them at some point asked me to homeschool them. I feel like Lexie is getting the age where school is mostly about socialization for her and doesn't worry enough about her schooling. Dakota needs more one on one time to keep him on track and his teacher last year kept saying he takes way too long to finish his work.

It has always been in the back of my mind since meeting a friend that homeschools and being familiarized with her life style. But I always has those nagging fears of who am I to think I can teach my children and ... but I need that break from my kids along with many more fears. But listening to the other moms talk and compare and share at a homeschooling conference I attended in Houston, I became more interested. I attended the homeschooling newbie class and kept taking one step after another with classes to find out more information. 

A friend had mentioned to me that she learns with her children as they go and that stuck out too me. Getting my high school diploma was not the normal process for me. I didn't graduate with my high school peers. Therefor I didn't learn everything I needed to learn. I feel like I am far behind most people when it comes to knowing tons of facts ;)  After attending the I Can Do it! Conquering Your Fears class I knew it was for me and my family! I came home and showed all if my notes to my husband and we discussed it for a couple days and prayed about it. We discussed it with our children at Family Home evening and laid out all of the pro's and con's and details and asked them how they felt and what they wanted to do. And boom! Decision was made. I feel like with me homeschooling them that its right for our family. It came at the perfect timing.

Here are a couple of PRO'S I had about homeschooling:

I can Mormonize our schooling and help them better focus on future goals I and they have in mind. I can better prepare them for the days they are no longer under our roof with minimum worldly distractions.

Another one of my biggest fears was I am one of those parents who LOVE getting that break during the day! I would get excited about sending my kids off to school and having two less children. But I have come to realize I have a great support group. My church friends and neighbors all help each other out. I hardly ever have to pay for a babysitter. And when I do most of the time its to help someone else's teenager to earn a little extra money so they can afford to save up for something big they are wanting to buy on their own. So my advice is too seek out a place to live that you can find that great support group. I do find that our church has one of the best support groups for families!!! Get to know your neighbors! Help them when they need help, be their example of how you want to be treated. There is LOTS of homeschool support groups on Facebook. I love my groups on facebook. I never have an unanswered question.

If you are thinking of homeschooling just know you can do it and you are the best person to teach your children! No one will ever love your children as much as you do! So when your asking yourself  WHO AM I TO THINK I CAN TEACH MY CHILDREN, remember that! Your the best person to!