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Monday, September 15, 2014

A week of no blogging & some experiments

Last week was a crazy week. I had a bladder infection and a visit from Aunt Flow on top of it. Had to force myself to quit drinking carbonation/sodas :(!!!! Its been so hard and so many headaches but its been almost a week without. I've started running again. Let's see where it takes me. I just need to focus on cleaning up my eating now.

We did school but most of them were half days. Certain people wondered if I dropped off the earth since they haven't heard from me. Not to fear. I am still here just needed to stay to myself for a while. During last week we did an experiment. I have been excited to show people that you CAN regrow your romaine lettuce and green onions. I tried basil from some I had leftover in the fridge but it started molding so I threw that out. Check it out!!! This is just a week. Pretty awesome, right?!

OH! For any of you who know about Adam's job. He is FINALLY getting switched over to the Dallas location that is closer to home. Which means he will be home more often thank goodness!!! This getting home at 7pm every night is a bit ridiculous. So this is his last week at the Coppell location. We are sad a bit because he has gotten so close to everyone there but we are hoping this will be a great opportunity for him!

Today we did a chalk paint maze. It was fun but definitely got invaded by ants. We left for 15 minutes to let it dry while running an errand and came back to ants everywhere. I guess they like the flour??? We got the idea from this link: Big Chalk Maze

Anywhoo.... last week we learned a little about Amelia Earhart and Forest Animals and of course the rest of Math, Reading, OH! And we learned how to write a ABAB Poem that was fun wink wink!

Today we learned more about Amelia Earhart, Thomas Edison, cave animals, Limerick Poems and other boring stuff :) For art we sketched a light bulb in honor of Thomas Edison. Lexie's Limerick Poem was pretty funny! Dakota isn't on those yet. 

Her poem says:

I like to sing.

I have a ring.
I have pony's,
Their not phony's!
Did you see that thing?

I say funny because once her brain got to clicking she wrote it really fast and it was nothing of what I was expecting.

Here is one of the photos. All of ours were different and unique :)

This darn blog is driving me crazy right now and not letting me post the rest. So until then you just get one!

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