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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

... It just keeps getting better and better....

Last week I had some weak moments! I just couldn't stop crying over multiple things! But one mostly was, 


Fears and scared thoughts kept popping in my head.  

Why am I homeschooling them? 
Quick hurry up and put them back in public school while its still not too late 
for them to catch up for the new school year!  

I wanted to call up everyone and tell them I made a horrible mistake but I didn't. I also wondered if I just started homeschooling my children to prove to myself that I could? All those thoughts were being put in my head by yours truly, Satan! I kept going through the week and doing nothing about my thoughts just marching on the best I could. I talked to Adam about my feelings and he assured me I AM doing the right thing for our family. He pointed out why he felt that way and instantly my heart became alot lighter. I just needed to quit listening to those voices in my head that were doubting me and pray and listen to the light! So if I happened to run into you last week and you asked me with a big smile "How is homeschooling going?" And I just shook my head the best I could "yes" and shrugged my shoulders with big alligator tears building up, there ya go! ;)

We have added alot more studies to our daily routine to try out for this week. I worried about having enough studies to keep them busy. We were finishing up at Noon most days and that just seemed to good to be true. So I set out on a look of what I could add more that wouldn't be too much but felt complete.

Yesterday was a LONG day. They were just taking way too long to get each task done. We did school until 6:30ish pm. BLAH! But I stuck to it as much as I wanted to say "Ok, we will just do the rest tomorrow and be further behind another day with my planned activities for the week." We did skip out on one new subject lesson of Science but completed that today. We were doing just Zoology for Science before but I felt we needed to add more to our "science" so we are doing Book Study as well! 

Today we got finished with school by 4pm. Chores and all! YAY! I know that doesn't sound like an accomplishment but it looks like each day is getting better and better. We also got a little late start today. Lexie has realized or for today at least that when she finishes one task to look to her schedule to see what she can do on her own to move her day faster so she can have friend and technology time faster. Dakota on the other hand... not so much. I am hoping and praying and crossing every finger he figures this out soon because I'm tired lol! 

This is Alexander's photo of our family ;) 
Cute huh?

I love the independence he is wanting. 
He likes to do things all by himself and his way!

Look how good he is doing with his tracing. 
Still a little shaky but getting there!

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