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Monday, October 6, 2014

Mommy is going back to school ;)

I am finding myself having to keep a cheat journal for myself.  Its been quite a while since I have learned about proper and common nouns, action verbs and linking verbs and greater than less than (alligator sign). Thank goodness I am starting at this level with them in their homeschooling journey because I would be alot more lost ;)

The kids are getting tired of the book we are doing for Reading. Its called "Jolly Robin". They have challenged their-selves to finish the book today. We have 9 chapters to go. 22 chapters in all. I'm getting excited we have almost accomplished a whole book together! While we read this book we do spelling words that choose from this story and they also learn they Roman Numerals. So we read, spell and do math. They also do a summary in their journal after each chapter so I know that they are listening to what they are reading.

Our next book is The Tale of Peter Rabbit. What has been your children's favorite chapter book to read so far? We are getting our Reading curriculum from Easy Peasy All in One Homeschool this year. What is your favorite Reading Curriculum?

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