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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Freezer Cooking Day 1 & 2

These last two days I have consumed myself into freezer cooking. I'm sick and tired of wasting our money on fast food because I'm too tired to make dinner each night. I wanted to be who I use to be able to be and get supper on the table every night. Now just going out and buying groceries wouldn't do it for me because by the end of the day I'm to exhausted to throw all this together. So I challenged myself. I made a list of 15 suppers. ALL different - no repeats because I honestly get tired of the same meal to often. Then I came up with 5 breakfasts that I could premake or freeze. Here are some photos I got in the mean time of doing all of this. None are great and none yet are of the finished products. I will take a photo of all I made tomorrow in the end of my freezer cooking marathon. Its better to just get one giant photo ;) So I am doing this challenge all by myself, except from the help of 3 little here and there helpers. They get bored with helping and then they forget how boring it is for a few minutes and then come help some more. I just put on my movie on the XBOX in the living room since my kitchen is open and I can see the tv and I just get busy. Towards the end of the day today I did have to make me a detailed list of what was left to do because I couldn't stay concentrated long enough to remember what needed done still. I am actually pretty darn proud of myself! First day I chopped a whole bag of celery and big bag of carrots. A huge bag of onions. Baked up 16 Chicken Breasts, cooked 11.5 lbs. of hamburger meat. I made a Lasagna, enough pizza dough for 6 mini pizzas, Bagged up Taco Meat with onions and seasonings and made Vegetable Beef Stew. I also made Stuff shells for dinner that night. It was suppose to be one of my freezer meals. But by time 4pm came around I was worn out and didn't want to cook anymore and it was the last thing I was working on that needed cleaned up so I decided to make it for dinner. I did get all the chicken chopped up and separated. The next day I made Goulash, Chicken Alfredo, Ranch Chicken and Potatoes, Italian Chicken Sauce that will go over egg noodles, Homemade Spaghetti Sauce with meat and 9 overnight blueberry maple oatmeal. Again 4pm came around. I was worn out and the last thing that needed cleaned up was the Chicken and Dumplings I was working on so that is what we had for dinner :) Tomorrow all I have left to work on are the mini pizzas, Scalloped Potatoes & Ham, Chicken Broccoli Rice Casserole, White Chicken Enchiladas, French Toast Sticks, Pancakes, Breakfast Burritos and Breakfast Bowls. Then I can sit back every night while dinners heat up in the oven or crockpot! I am so looking forward to that. Now if I would have recruited some helpers and some babysitters and had lots of energy sure I could have possibly done this in one day but I needed something to keep me busy for a few days anyways :) 

My little helpers making the dumplings!

Yes I have 3 crockpots and 2 bread machines. They have their very only special cabinet just for them. I do believe I still need more! Just saying! They get put to work alot around here!

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