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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wow! It has been a while!

The kids and I took a MUCH NEEDED break from school and routines in general. 
They were fighting all the time and misbehaving in public. 
I was going INSANE
The first week we did a detox from schooling, games, AND movies. SO HARD!!! 
 I made them play with their ... wait for it... TOYS and spend quality time together. They hated it the first couple days but they actually started learning to be creative after that. It was nice! The next week we just enjoyed not having a schedule and being able to say yes to anything we wanted to do. We did lots of playdates and family visits. It was nice while it lasted but I'm glad to have schooling back in our routine. The kids are too. They beg for it now haha. 

While we did this 2 week break I started a reward system in our home.  

The Marbles!!!  
They get marbles for doing chores, for behaving in public, for doing nice things for each other, for eating their meals without giving me grief, for putting their shoes away when we first walk in the door instead of just throwing them in the floor where ever they want, for accomplishing a school day, etc. I take away marbles for embarrassing me in public, arguing, getting into trouble. They try to earn the most marbles for a whole week then on Friday night we count them all and tally it up and announce the winner for the week. We do not allow them to count through the week because then they get lazy and uncaring about the system. The reward for the winner is $20! Yes that seems like alot but the perks for me is I am not doing all of the cleaning in the house. I feel like I treat them less like slaves if they are happy about doing the chores haha. I know its their duty as a family to help in the household but I like that this encourages them to WANT to do it and they get excited about something. 

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