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Monday, December 15, 2014

An article I found in my email

 in Disguise
The Five Obstacles to Homeschool Success That are Blessings in Disguise

Do you sometimes struggle to make your homeschool live up to your ideals? Here are five ways in which so-called obstacles to your homeschool success may actually be blessings in disguise! 
obstacles1. Does schoolwork take longer than you think it should?
You may feel pressured to accomplish more as a homeschooling parent, but the truth is that there are only so many hours in a day, no matter who you are! Many teachers, from Tai Chi masters to musicians, will tell you that a task performed slowly and deliberately with awareness is of much greater educational benefit than one performed quickly and thoughtlessly. Say good-bye to high blood pressure and enjoy the freedom homeschoolers have to take our time and enjoy the process!
2. Are your plans continually changed by unexpected life events?
We can only do so much to influence what happens in our family’s lives. Controlling every minute may not be the best option for anyone, not in the least because it is impossible! John Lennon reportedly said, "Life is what is happening while you’re busy making plans." Homeschoolers can stop where we are when unexpected events crop up, and start where we left off when it’s time for schoolwork again.
3. Do difficult emotions seem to block your every move?
Breathe! Yogis, athletes and medicine people all teach that breathing deeply gives strength and improves emotional mastery. Emotions are energy in motion. They’re a vital part of life! Emotional suppression has been linked to physical and psychological illness, but as homeschoolers we can give our children’s emotions (and our own) the attention they deserve, whenever that anger, sadness, or fear rears its ugly head.
4. Does preparing and eating food seem to take half your day?
Or do you find yourself eating junk food to save time for schoolwork? An Ayurvedic proverb states, "When diet is correct, medicine is of no need." Eating well is essential to good health; preparing and eating healthy meals and snacks is never time wasted. Homeschooled children can grow up with real-world knowledge of how to eat well – the time and effort, and enjoyment involved.
5. Does your family seem to wake up later every day?
This may seem like an obstacle to success, but take another look! The media is filled with reports of the many benefits of a good sleep to a person’s emotional, psychological, and physical well-being. Instead of criticizing ourselves, we homeschoolers should congratulate ourselves when we can allow our families to get the rest they need.
The gifts of homeschooling are many. I am always surprised to find another one hiding right in plain view!
-Elise Kennedy is the author of Canadian Winter Homeschool Materials from

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