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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Another Lifestyle Change

Here's another lifestyle change that I hope sticks around!!! Adam and I have both talked and have the same goal health wise. He wants to be able to eat more protein and train for his marathon and lift more weights, etc. I want to help my body to continue to loose more weight. I have lost 13 pounds in the last month. 10 of which happened overnight after getting the stomach bug one day. It started something though with me seeing that I lost even more after that. I want to get healthier and feel better and hopefully eventually rid myself of any medications that I have a need for. I want to be able to run a few miles with Adam when I'm in the mood without having to stop every 2 minutes to catch my breath. I want to be my children's example! I have seen a couple blogs and videos about people doing meal prep for a week and eat like every 2 hours and they feed their body the energy it needs to keep going. We tried our first meal prep tonight! I think it turned out fantastic!!! Just off the one side of chicken alone we got 9 meals out of it. So another 9 meals with the other half of the chicken and just prepare sides to go along with it. We both worked on preparing this together so it didn't take a long time. I cut all the meat to make it leaner and all the veggies and made the rice. Adam grilled the meat and veggies for me. So it really felt like it went fast. Now the true test is when you taste it after its all done. YUM!!! I dont know why I was so scared to do this all over again! These are some of my favorite foods and aren't going to add too my waist line if I stay smart!

I marinated half of the chicken in Braggs and some seasonings. The other half of the chicken in BBQ sauce that was under 45 calories. The veggies we just threw on the grill. It didn't need anything added to it. The grilled taste was amazing. The rice is Organic Brown Rice from Costco. I added in a bouillon cube, 1 cup frozen corn and peas and a tbsp. butter. YUM!!

We ate this for dinner and were able to make 4 more meals in Tupperware to eat during the week for lunch.

I also made these little baskets so when the kids are hungry they have the snacks in their baskets for the day and once their gone they are gone. With homeschooling they tend to think their hungry alot more often. Now they have healthier options of an apple, banana, pretzels, almonds, cheese stick and carrots. We are going to do that for ourselves as well but with different options :o)

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