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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

You Are My Hero!

I received an email that I'm sure everyone that is subscribed to this specific blog has received. But it made me feel great and positive and ready to take on the week with school. Hopefully I wont get in trouble for sharing it without asking "copyright issues" but here it is. :o) Enjoy!

Dear Homeschool Parent,
It seems like the word hero doesn't mean much anymore. It's almost a throwback word from America's long past. To make matters worse, the "heroes" our culture does put on a pedestal... seem to crash and burn almost daily. Simply fire up your computer or turn on the TV and it's nonstop scandals involving today's "heroes".
But you know what? I don't think the idea of a hero is old-fashioned at all and I don't believe we should give up on it... ever. What we should do is take a good look at what a hero really is. Personally, it seems obvious that we've let our culture redefine what a hero really is and that's a big part of our problem.
Believe me, as Christians we're blessed with a rich history full of real heroes. And, it's reassuring to know that there are great heroes walking among us today as well. In fact, the number of real heroes today may surprise you.
I don't care if they are volunteering at church, active prayer warriors, doing charity work, working in a nursing home or homeschooling their kids... I see good people doing heroic things all the time.
So how do folks become heroes? How does a homeschool mom or dad become a real hero?
Well, there is a way, a roadmap if you will... along with some good and bad news.
The good news is that what you have to do is for the most part, simple.
The bad news is that what you have to do is kind of hard to do.
So where do we start? Well, first you have to put serious time in. There is no way to cheat the system. You have to show up and you have to roll up your sleeves and get down to it.
If you're a homeschool mom or dad, for example, you have to have your curriculum prepared for each day. Something easy to talk about, but hard to do. Not only that, you have to turn off the TV, close down Facebook, forget your email, stop checking the weather online, shut down YouTube... and you have to do the work of actually teaching your kids.
The next step is even harder yet:
You have to keep growing as a teacher. You have to intensify the family vision and be willing to step outside your comfort zone as an educator. Just as your children grow... you've got to grow as well. Again, easy to talk about, but kind of hard to actually do.
It's important not to retreat into a "safe zone" when it comes to educating your children. There's always a little voice in the back of your head that wants you to stay lukewarm as a teacher, trainer and role model. That's the voice that holds most people back. That's the voice that stops some parents from being great teachers.
And you know what? Everyone's got that voice! But it's up to you to decide once and for all if that little voice is going to rob you and your kids of the greatness God has promised to your family.
Here's the truth: You can't give your children an extraordinary education if you stay ordinary... if you continue to live in your homeschool teaching comfort zone.
And that's your roadmap for a being a true hero. You need to show up every day. You need to work hard at what God has given you to do. You need to keep getting better at educating and keep getting better at training up the next generation in your charge.
And you need to persevere. If you do that day after day, year after year... then I'll tell you how to find a true hero...
Go look in the mirror and you'll see a real hero looking back at you.
I promise.
For Training Up The Next Generation,
Bill Heid
Bill Heid
Executive Producer, Heirloom Audio
P.S. I made a short video about why our kids need great stories now more than ever. The world seems to be almost collapsing right before our eyes. I think it's because we have lost the "story wars" and have no real heroes any more. The new video is short and to the point. I really believe every American family, homeschooling or not, needs to see this important message.

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