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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

* We have joined the Karate Bandwagon

We found a Groupon a friend told us about for Karate. Dakota has been wanting to join for years buts its so pricey. I didn't want to pay alot of money and it turn out he didn't like it ... like soccer. So this Groupon was perfect. He saved his birthday money and paid for it himself. I told him if he followed through with it and he took it serious we would talk about him continuing each month. He is having a good time with it. I was impressed with just the first class. They are teaching him to listen, follow directions and respect (Yes Ma'am Yes Sir) and too speak up, be confident and have courage and know who you are. Its pretty awesome watching! I have much respect for his instructor. He is really good with the kids and served in the Army. I hope this is a blessing for years to come for Dakota and us! Here is a few videos and a photo to show off some of what he is doing!



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