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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The dreaded question...

 One huge reason I started this blog was so that I could remember on hard days why I wanted to homeschool my children. Why I decided to up root everything I and my children knew and to change our whole world. Another was to have a place to send those who ask that dreaded question of "Why are you homeschooling? What was wrong? Wasn't everything ok in Public School?" At first I wasn't offended by this question being asked because it really was just innocence coming from friends or family who were trying to really understand where I am coming from. I'm glad at the time that they came to me with those questions because it helped me think of MORE reasons why I decided what I did. I had to continue to grow my list. Then there are those people who come at you ready to argue anything you say and just are against WHAT YOU DECIDED FOR YOUR FAMILY! I found myself basically having to prove my point to these type of people. Convince them that what I was doing was right for MY family. Do you know what goes on day to day with each person in my family? No? Well good thing I do! Good thing I know enough to make those very important decisions for those people who are relying on me to raise them. I came home after feeling a little discouraged thinking that I was punishing myself by "forcing" myself to stay at home and homeschool my children. I told my husband that I need to get better at telling people why I am homeschooling my family. That its hard to tell people every reason and remember every reason in those 5 minutes of our discussion. Then I came to the conclusion.. Nope! I dont need to explain myself! This is my business and if you truly wanted to know why you would dig for more information and follow my blog and understand why :)

 Today I came across this blog post and loved it!

From A Homeschool VICTIM Who Obviously Survived!

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