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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Fun

Daddy took us to Trail of Treats while Mommy was busy with Church activities.  Lexie is a "Zombie Bride" (We didn't do make up. Saving that for Halloween night.), Dakota is a GI Joe, and Alexander is a Ninja.

I have to admit shopping for costumes this year was a little crazy! They were throwing out all these crazy Zombie and Death things they wanted to be. Very new for me. Lexie was determined to not be a Princess anything, like she always is.

So we had this whole fun Homeschool Halloween Party planned with some of our favorite Homeschooling Families but Alexander was sick the whole weekend before and the night before and the day of so it was best to not bring the germs around everyone else. We were sad to have to stay home and not join in so I said we can have our own fun party that night with Daddy for Family Home Evening. I couldn't just let all those ideas and items go to waste that I had prepared. ;) So we played Halloween Bingo with Candy Corn for our markers like 3 times. Everyone got prizes. Then we played Bobbing for Apples in the Bathtub haha!!! Because our bucket was extremely dirty and needed bleached down and I didn't want the kids to bob in bleachish water after cleaning it. Then we played Minute to Win it Wrap the Mummies. So we all took turn wrapping each other with toilet paper! It was a fun night.

Here is a video of me dunking the kids in the water. Oh! And I SOOO wished I could have caught it to record it but Dakota seriously was trying so hard to get an apple that SERIOUSLY the child did a front flip somehow into the tub and was totally soaked after landing completely in the tub. I could not believe what happened. That child... I tell ya!

We have another fun Halloween night coming up and if I get any photos I will post those here too.

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