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Monday, October 20, 2014

Finally! A day of no tears!

If you follow me on Facebook you probably have seen my status updates. Or if your apart of the homeschooling groups I am in you probably have figured out that homeschooling this last week was hectic and not so fun for us. Let me catch you up:

October 14th: "You'd think being up at 7 am getting started for the day that I would be running out of things to do but nope. Going non stop! Wheww!!!"

October 16th: "Yup! Mom of the year! Totally bribing toddlers to clean up and they get candy! Shaking my head as they run off screaming "Yay!!! Candy! Candy!!!" Sorry Adam, all your candy corn is gone!"

October 16th: "I seriously have a freakin elf stealing stuff that is making it difficult to continue with my day. We lost a Reading Journal that needs to pop up... and now a schedule for the week with all my notes and scores on it. I have looked everywhere each time. When it pops up hopefully sooner than later I'm probably gonna feel silly for loosing it."

October 16th (Homeschool group post): "How many of you get through half of the school day and just kinda give up for the day at times? This week I have had a couple of days of that. I have frustrated children because they seem like their brain has just had enough and/or bickering children. We pick the rest up the next day. But it puts us behind for the next day."

October 16th: "Uhh my child! We got fed up with school today (mommy and the kids) so we stopped early. I was exhausted and wanted a nap but thought the kids really needed something fun and uplifting of the spirits so I tiredly said: "How about we go right now and pick out your costumes?" They were excited. We went to walmart (right down the road) and they didn't have what we wanted so we drove 20 minutes to another place to look and found some. Then he left a very expensive costume in Rockwall in a store and forgot it while we were in another store shoe shopping. So we get home and find that out. I start stressing out because I JUST got home from this long shopping trip and am so tired. Thinking I am gonna have to go all the way back I try to make the best of it and see if a friend can just watch the kids while Adam and I have alone time and go back and get it. And find out my friend I called is right by the store we left it at!!! Seriously so grateful! I'm worn out! lol"

October 17th (Homeschool group post): "Do you have a child that just cannot follow directions no matter how many times you sit and look them in the face and say I want you to listen to my directions ... I need you to do this this way.You have to send them off a handful of times before they finally half follow instructions."

October 17th: "I am making a last minute unplanned trip to the Gentle Zoo right now. Any friends want to join me? I will be there for a few hours. Text me!"

October 19th: "It was so nice to get away for the weekend and no worrying about schooling and discipline and just be! Refreshed for a new week!"

So we got away for the weekend. And today went great without any tears, any frustrations and we finished the whole day!!! Sometimes you just need to step back and have a little fun and have a new scenery! I also am holding the kids to them getting "field trips" once a week IF they do all their school work without tears and whining and we finish the whole day that is planned. Last week our field trip was the Gentle Zoo. Maybe this next week we will go see a movie. Who knows! But if bribery works for me then hooray!

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